On Tuesday, 2 July, Popstars the 90’s Musical opened to a sold out audience.

Family, friends and the College community celebrated the combined talents of St Dominic’s College and Caroline Chisholm College students.

After many months of planning, rehearsals and amazing team work, the musical has been a great success.

The wonderful collaboration between the staff and students of both Colleges has provided an environment for all to excel and express their abilities, culminating in what can only be described as a event that will be remembered by all, for years to come.

The students have collaborated extremely well in preparing this show for their respective communities. As part of the process, they built skills in live theatre performance including the elements of acting, singing and movement. Behind the scenes, students control backstage management, lighting and set changes. Each and every role must be carried out with the needs of others in mind, immediately creating a strong sense of team and the serving for others.

Popstars continues tonight for another sold out performance.