On the 12th September, the Dominus Racing Team headed off to the Regional competition, at TAFE Mt Druitt where many eager and enthusiastic students awaited to start the day.

Dominus had a busy morning having there CAM/CAD interview first. The judges asked the team a range of questions in related to the design of the car and questioning the team on the design decisions of the final car. The judges provided the team with some advice and important feedback related to our design and manufacturing.

Next, was the Verbal Presentation, where the team presented our marketing strategies, car designs and expertise in the field to the judges. We all spoke succinctly and clearly, and the judges provided us with valuable feedback for the future.

Afterwards, the most important part of the day…. RACING! The Automatic Racing started, with all teams anticipating there win. Everyone had mixed emotions, but in the end, Dominus came out on top, winning 3 of their 4 races and crossing the line at 1.136 seconds (one of the fastest on the day!). Although, we did face some challenges due to some wheels falling off and breakages to the side of our wing of both cars.

With a short break, time was crucial as the team had to quickly find a way to repair the cars in time for the reaction racing. It was a challenge, but in the end after mixing a two-part epoxy, the wings were fixed and the team were ready for racing.

Later in the day, we had our marketing interview where the judges met us at our pit display to discuss our logo, sponsors and more. They seemed very impressed with the way we presented ourselves and all the information we provided them with, giving little to no feedback. Everyone in the team was happy with their performance.

Unfortunately, for Dominus it was not meant to be. The team finished fourth in our division – just missing out on the opportunity to go to the State Finals. Overall, the team is very pleased with their efforts, beating many other teams including those with much more experienced and senior students. We look forward to taking the judges advice on board and coming back bigger and stronger in 2020!


Marley Satchell – Dominus Racing Team Leader