Year 7 to 10 Interim Reports and Year 11 Preliminary Reports

Year 7 to 10  Interim Reports are scheduled to be emailed to parents in the first week of the student break. The Year 11 Preliminary reports will be emailed out to parents in Week 2 of Term 4. If you have any issues associated to these reports please contact the College directly by clicking here.

Term 3 Overall DSE Commendation Certificates and Concern letters

Year 7 to 10 students who have achieved an Overall DSE above 85% for their Term 3 Interim Report will receive a Diligence and Sustained Effort Commendation Certificate via Year assemblies upon their return in Term 4. Alternatively, any student who has been issued with an Overall DSE below 65% will have a concern letter mailed home to their parents and a parent interview with the Pastoral Coordinator will be organised in early term 4 to improve their academic application and performance.

National Literacy and Numeracy Week

The College celebrated National Literacy Week during Week 7 this term. Read more….

PATR and PATM Tests

As part of St Dominic’s College strong commitment to improving literacy and numeracy levels of our students, all students in Years 7 to 10 participated  in the Progressive Achievement Tests for Reading (PATR) and Numeracy (PATM) in Week 9 of Term 3. These tests are conducted annually for students in Years 7 to 10 in order to assist the school in measuring and tracking student achievement in reading, comprehension and numeracy throughout their time at the College. The College is currently processing the data from these tests and will provide our parents with their son’s PATR and PATR test results in early Term 4

Term 4 Study Advice

Term 4 can be a very busy time for your son, taking the time to plan and begin study during the Term 3 break will certainly help. To assist you as parents we encourage you to access Canvas and his calendar.

2019 HSC Support
  • The HSC Examinations begin October 17 and you can access all details on your examination details via Students Online.
  • HSC Ranks can be accessed 11th November – 2nd December
  • HSC Results are published on December 17
  • ATAR results published on December 18 (we will hold a BBQ that morning to celebrate and assist you all), ensure your contact details are correct in Students Online.

A couple of key reminders and supports for you and your son:

    • Study Cycle: As you study you do so in a ever decreasing cycle that includes: study, revision, testing, feedback, list of items to address, study.
    • Team: Your result is shaped by the results of all St Dominic’s students, together you all benefit (share resources, time and techniques)
    • Canvas:
      • Your teachers have spent a great deal of time providing essential resources (especially past papers and solutions), use them.
      • Communicate with your peers and teachers – you have access to so many people who can assist you and save you time.
    • NESA Website:
      • Syllabus: each syllabus is your key checklist when studying, each dot point is a possible question to be asked.
      • Past Papers and solutions
    • Elevate: Our study program this year is supported by the website that provides study tools and course content specific to what you are studying.
    • College Resources and ICT access:
      • All College resources borrowed are due for return on the day of each exam
      • Upon your final exam all access to College ICT (email, Canvas, subscriptions) will conclude, please ensure your email address you will be using beyond your enrolment is updated across all systems you rely on.