Dharuk’s ‘May8 ‘ Day celebrations concluded last Friday, 8th May, with many staff and students getting involved.

The theme of the week was Mateship. During these difficult times, our mates can help get us through a tough day or tough week. Dharuk’s ‘May8’  Day was in celebration of this spirit at St Dominic’s College.

Students were invited to take part in different challenges during the week, including:

  • The Iconic Duos Quiz – naming those iconic pairs
  • #BeAMate Photoshop Challenge – pairing up with a mate to show off creativity
  • Smile, It’s May8 Day – sharing what makes us smile

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Iconic Duos Quiz!

Year 7

Jayden Dunworth

Year 8

Xavier Joyce

Year 9

Jose Corcio

Year 10

Cody Dwyer

Year 11

Dylan Wilson

Year 12

Dylan Morrissey/Cooper Hill


See below for our best #BeAMate Photoshop entries! Thank you to everyone who got involved in the spirit of May8 Day!

Mr D’Souza – Dharuk House Coordinator