Year 12 HSC Preparation 


As we farewell our Year 12 students, it is timely to remind them that once the celebrations have passed, they still have their major HSC examinations to follow. Whilst we are hopeful that these will proceed without incident, the College is currently preparing a COVID-19 HSC Contingency plan. This will come into effect, if we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 that causes the College to shut down. This information will be provided to students and their parents/guardians early in Term 4. 


There are many resources available online to support the 2020 HSC Cohort. Students are encouraged to utilise these resources as part of their preparation: 



  • The state government has put together a website called HSC Hub, which contains a large amount of support resources for the 2020 cohort. This includes study notes, video lessons and past papers to assist them with their preparations: 



Best of luck in supporting your son’s preparation. We wish them every success for the exams and the next step in their learning journey. 


Year 11 Examinations 


Congratulations to Year 11 who have recently conducted their first stage examination block. Year 11 participated in these exams with diligence and maturity. Staff are busy marking and providing feedback for the students for their return early in Term 4. This cohort have made a great start to their senior life and are placed well to begin their HSC courses early next term. Parents will have an opportunity early next term for online parent / teacher / student interviews. Information will follow early in Term 4 regarding the dates and times of these important meetings. 




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