St Dominic’s College fosters an environment focussed on providing excellence in education through an extensive and diverse curriculum.

One area that St Dominic’s College prides itself on is its successful Pastoral Care and Social Justice programs, which are focused on educating our young men on issues surrounding wellbeing and significant issues contributing to social justice by building awareness and cultivating dialogue about positive relationships.

During August, our Year 10 and 11 students participated in the Walk the Talk initiative, which has been designed to expand student awareness on the issues surrounding domestic violence and women’s homelessness, particularly in their local areas.

Following on from this initiative, our incredible Year 10 students, championed by their Pastoral Coordinator, Mr Jeff Kilbourne were inspired to participate in the Chores for a Cause Program set up by Women’s Community Shelters, which involves students being sponsored to carry out chores, with the aim of raising awareness surrounding domestic violence.

Year 10 set themselves a fundraising goal of $2,000 by the end of September.
St Dominic’s College is proud to announce that our students have raised an incredible $5,500, far exceeding the initial target set.

Women’s Community Shelters works with communities to establish new shelters which provide a safe bed and support enabling homeless women to rebuild self-esteem and achieve control of their lives.

Chores for a Cause is an opportunity for every young person aged from 8 to 18 to know they are change makers.

The 2020 St Dominic’s College Theme is ‘Voices for a Better World’. We are incredibly proud and thankful to our community, who have supported our young men in becoming Voices for a Better World by raising awareness of such an important issue in our local community.

For more information on Women’s Community Shelters, please visit their website