Welcome back to the commencement of the final term of a very different and challenging year

I hope week 1 of Term 4 commenced well for all students.  Being back in familiar surroundings and to the routines of attending school will be a relief for many families.  May Term 4 bring great success to every student and may they reach their true potential.

Considering all the challenging moments of the year, it is amazing that we have arrived at this point in our calendar and have managed to maintain a commitment to the learning agenda while supporting the wellbeing and health of our community.  The beginning of the term provides us an opportunity to start afresh with renewed energies to tackling the future challenges and strive to do our personal best.

This week sees the commencement of the HSC examinations, which at one stage did not look like going ahead because of COVID-19.  I hope that our Year 12 students have been preparing for these examinations so that they can maximise their results and be rewarded for their commitment, dedication and hard work.  I pray that our God supports and guides all our Year 12 students throughout the examination period.

The formation of our students remains a crucial ingredient in making St Dominic’s a great school.  The Senior Reflection Days on Monday and Tuesday of Week 1 provided our Year 11 students the opportunity to reflect and contemplate upon their journey so far and be enthused by the knowledge that they are travelling into deep waters, being very well supported by the St Dominic’s community. As Year 11 commence Term 4, may the love and hope of our God support and guide them along the next 12 months.

Year 11 students have also voted for the 2021 College Captain and Vice-Captain.  This is a significant appointment and will be announced to the College Community on Wednesday, 21 October.  I commend all Year 11 to support the Student Leadership Team, especially their appointed Captain as they commence the next chapter in their life at St Dominic’s.

Hopefully, all families have had the opportunity to evaluate the Term 3 DSE Reports.  These reports provide valuable feedback for students and their families as they prepare for their final assessments. The DSE Reports also provide students the knowledge of where they can improve in their learning journey.  Do your personal best is all we can ask.  Therefore, I encourage all students to maintain a growth mindset and become the person they would like to be. 

This term is also significant for our Year 10 students, especially those who have decided to seek alternative opportunities.  Whether students are returning to complete their senior studies or moving into the work force, the term will bring several mixed emotions.  I pray that all Year 10 students complete the term successfully and prepare themselves for their future endeavours.

The success of Term 4 is dependent on individuals’ decisions and the choices they make.  May God guide all our students as they contemplate these decisions.  Remain positive, remain committed and know you have the support of your teachers and your families as your strive for your personal best.

Continue to stay safe and healthy throughout the term.

Dominus Lux Mea

Let Your Light Shine


Mr M. Ronchetti – College Principal