St Dominic’s College recently entered the 2020 Australian Geography Competition, with just over 65,000 students from around Australia, in Years 7 to 12 participating.


We are proud to congratulate the following St Dominic’s College students who performed to a very high level:


High Distinction (Top 1% in Australia)

Ryan Watts – Year 11 Geography

Jonas Hackney – Year 11 Geography

Cooper Morrissey – Year 8 Geography

Jayden Morrell – Year 8 Geography


Distinction Certificates

Lachlan Squires – Year 11 Geography


Credit Certificates

Rhys Bailey – Year 8 Geography

Michael Beran – Year 8 Geography

Sebastian Berg – Year 8 Geography

Xavier Xerri – Year 8 Geography

Tyson Goodwin – Year 11 Geography

Jacob Zordoumis – Year 11 Geography


Geography is such an important subject as it develops in students, a holistic understanding of the world around them, and their place in it.


Mr Rawding – HSIE I KLA Coordinator – Geography/ History