Welcome Back to Term Two

Welcome back to all staff, students and parents to Term 2.  The Easter period is still amongst us as we celebrate the fifth week after Easter Sunday.  The message of Easter remains constant as we are invited to be part of the faith community by living the gospel values in our daily lives and welcoming the new possibilities for living our shared mission of proclaiming a message of justice, peace and forgiveness.  Like the disciples, this message can be challenging but as a Christian community we need to support each other as we endeavour to strengthen our faith and in turn, our faith helps build the Christian community.  Hence, it is our commitment to the risen Jesus that is the cornerstone of our faith.  Easter has brought us the opportunities of new beginnings and a chance for us to reset our goals and continue the journey to renew the earth with love, compassion and forgiveness.  Therefore, I pray that all the young men of St Dominic’s can achieve extraordinary feats throughout Term 2. 

On Friday, 23rd April St Dominic’s commemorated ANZAC Day in a fitting College assembly led by Mr Rawding.  I am constantly reminded of the men and women who serve and still serve our country. Ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary feats.  We do not celebrate ANZAC day, as war is not a theatre that we should celebrate, but rather in commemorating (remembering) all those who have served our country we are reminded that they served or serve our country for the good of all Australians.  On ANZAC Day, we especially remember those who have paid the ultimate price of war. The lives of these men and women should remind us how fortunate we are to live in a beautiful country.  Like the ANZAC’s who served their country, today, we are also called to be of service to others but not through the theatre of war but rather through the theatre of ‘social justice’.  It is through our social justice outreach program, that we are all called to be of service to and for others.  We are now responsible to protect and maintain the spirit of the ANZAC’s serving those on the margin.  I would like to thank Mr Rawding and all the students who assisted the College in commemorating ANZAC Day.

During the month of May, we are reminded of the lives of Mary, our heavenly mother, Blessed Edmund Rice and St Dominic Savio.  These significant figures were challenged to remain faithful witnesses to the message of Christ and it was their faith in Christ, through and the work of the Holy Spirit, that inspired them to proclaim the good news.  Let us live Jesus in our hearts as we follow in the footsteps of Mary, Edmund and Dominic.  Founders’ Week is a special week for the College as we recall the stories of the founder of the Christian Brothers, the saint who the College was named after and the Divine mother.

Since our last newsletter, three members of our Support team have resigned.  Mrs Kate Smith and Mrs Gail Vella have been valued members of the Edmund Rice Learning Centre for numerous years.  Both Mrs Smith (18years) and Mrs Vella (28years) believed that it was time for them to retire and begin a new chapter in their lives.  The decision to retire was not an easy one for either but they have other adventures they would like to pursue and now was the right time.  Ms Michelle Kenney has been part of the College for the past six years.  Ms Kenney has also been a valued member of the Support team but due to family circumstances she felt it necessary to resign form her role.  Our prayers are with Mrs Smith, Mrs Vella and Ms Kenney as they commence the next chapter in their lives.  God bless.


Mother’s Day is a special time of the year and the Mother’s Day Mass at the College has become a significant mass in the College’s calendar.  We are so pleased to be able to acknowledge and thank the significant women in our lives at our annual Mother’s Day Mass.  We are expecting over 350 guests on Wednesday and the College is looking forward to welcoming all the significant women who guide and care for our beautiful sons.


Year 12 are entering a significant period in their HSC.  They have just completed their Semester One Assessments and therefore are moving into the second half of their HSC year.  The Year 12 Semester Reports provided parents and their sons with a good indication on how they are currently progressing in their courses.  The feedback from these reports and the dialogue with teachers form a significant component of re-evaluating their goals and setting news goals so that they can maximise their results. The end is near so I encourage all students to be diligent and develop plans that will hopefully guarantee their success.


There seemed to be life back in the College when the Year 11 and Year 12 Teacher/Parent/Student Interviews were conducted on Thursday, 29th April.  After a year of hibernation, parents were able to discuss their son’s progress in a face-to-face meeting with teachers. I was extremely pleased to welcome back the parents as it provided me an opportunity to dialogue with parents and students.  I honestly have missed this.  I pray that these interviews provided great feedback and assisted families in supporting their sons develop clear plans for the remainder of the HSC course.


The Year 12 Academic Awards Ceremony acknowledged and recognised those students who received an award for first in course or a DSE of 95% and above.  It was pleasing to see so many students acknowledged for their achievements especially those students who excelled in the application and effort within their course.  The keynote address at the assembly was from a valued member of our teaching staff, Ms Torpy.  Her message was simple and could apply to all students from any Year Group.  Through hard work and commitment, anyone can achieve their personal best.  Please click here to read Ms Torpy’s speech. Thank you Ms Torpy for inspiring us and sharing your words of wisdom.

I truly hope that all families have reflected on their Term 1 DSE results and re-set their goals for Term 2.  Students who received 100% for their Term 1 DSE will be acknowledged at a special Principal’s Lunch on Tuesday, 4th May.  Congratulations to:

Term 1 2021 – 100% DSE Results


Year 8 Students

Jarred Haydon

Oliver Nekic


Year 9 Students

Toby Camilleri

Christian Fabiano

Oscar King

Andi Maksum

Bailey Murphy

William Smith

Jeremy Vella


Year 10 Students

Gino Carvo

Anthony Fava

Alexander Gouriotis

Harrison Mehew

Corey Moore


Year 11 Students

Lachlan Harris

Joshua Lewin

Marley Satchell

Snehin Talusani

Francesco Zappia


The Year 7 2022 interviews will be held on Tuesday 25th May, Wednesday 26th May and Friday 28th May.  All applicants have been emailed with the booking details.  If any family has yet to receive this email or have yet to enrol, they are requested to contact the College asap.


Over the April holidays, the St Dominic’s College Football team travelled to Brisbane to participate in the EREA Football Tournament.  The team played an exciting brand of football that produced some outstanding goals and excellent teamwork.  The Team reached the final but played a determined St Pius Chatswood team that scored early and then packed the bus (placed everyone in defense).  St Dominic’s were defeated 1-0 in the Final.  The coaching staff of Mr J. Hall, Mr D. D’Souza and Mr C. Meek were highly complimentary of all the players.  Congratulations to all our EREA football team for this outstanding achievement.


There have been numerous events  since our last newsletter that has highlighted the outstanding commitment of so many young men of the College:


This time last year we were preparing to return to face-to-face teaching.  It has been a tumultuous 12 months, but through the Grace of God we have been able to manoeuvre through this pandemic and continue in our learning journey.  May Term 2 be filled with love, peace and hope.  May the term be filled with many successes as we support each other in the formation of our sons.


Dominus Mea

Let Your Light Shine


Mr Michael Ronchetti

College Principal