The St Dominic’s College Rivalympics have begun

With the uncertainty of the extent of lockdown inhibiting whole school events from taking place this term, the College House Coordinators have initiated the St Dom’s Rivalry Week Olympics. This is an opportunity for the students to get involved with a bit of competitive fun, demonstrate a variety of skills and earn points for their House.

On Wednesday of each week, various challenges are advertised on CANVAS for  students to participate in. In Week 2, we saw the ‘Face the Cookie’ challenge take place. Students had to get a cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.

Year 8’s Joshua King smashed the challenge by utilising an amazing head flick to get the cookie straight from his forehead to his mouth in under a second. 


Congratulations also to Clay Saunders, Matthew Hamilton, Flynn Cole and Kevin Anand who also earned points for their Houses and submitted their entries.

During Waterford Wednesday time in Week 3, Mr D’Souza, Mr Cummins and Mr McKay ran online trivia for each Stage. The seniors had Olympics based trivia and Adam Lucantonio was too hard to beat, even when closely challenged by Mr Kennedy-Gould. AJ’s knowledge of sport was off the charts. Taking out the Stage 5 trivia with Mr D’Souza was Nathaniel Cant. Yr 9 and 10 had the most participants and even the staff couldn’t make the podium with the trivia masters of Year 9 and 10. Finally, Stage 3 had two winners with Mr Cummins – Matthew Hamilton and Aarav Mittal.

More Rivalry Week Olympic activities will be announced on Canvas next week. Students stay tuned and get involved.