The theme for Science Week 2021 was “Food: different by design”. There were several activities run for Year 7 that reflected this theme. 


Year 7 Plant Perfect Activity

Both 7SCIE and 7SCIG took part in the at home Science Week activity on “plant perfect”. Students had to choose a type of environment and then create a plant that would survive and thrive in that environment. This Science Week activity has integrated well into what they have been learning about adaptations and features of living things. To create their plant, they had to research about their environment and the different features of plants that are needed for that environment. They had to present their final product as a poster.



Year 7 Virtual lesson “Fishing in Antarctica”

Both 7SCIE and 7SCIH classes took part in a virtual lesson run by Rhys Arangio from Austral Fisheries and Dr David Agnew on sustainable fishing in Antarctica. Our students were able to engage in a Question-and-Answer session with the experts and learn about how the types of fish  exist in Antarctica, why fish don’t freeze in Antarctica and how fishing can be done sustainably.