On Friday,  27th August 84 staff, students and their families participated on the Vinnies Winter Family Sleep Out. 


By ‘sleeping rough’ for a night to raise awareness for Vinnies homelessness services, our College was able to get a glimpse into the realities of homelessness. This experience challenged the participant’s sense of home and offered a unique insight into the complex issues faced by people experiencing homelessness.  


Our students found the experience beneficial in enhancing their understanding of Social Justice: 


During this experience, I have thought deeply about how homeless people might feel and the effects of discrimination against the poor, which is why this experience helped me appreciate the impact of homelessness. By showing me the perspective of those in hardship today especially during the pandemic this experience has influenced me to help reach out to the less fortunate in our communities and society. The Winter Sleep Out assisted me towards a path of kindness for all people. 

Jayden Galea, Year 7 


This sleep out has allowed me to understand the position of the underprivileged once again. Completing the sleep out with my family taught me the importance of having loved ones with you in trying times. This experience sustained my view of Social Justice, these social justice opportunities truly do allow me to put myself into the shoes of those who aren’t as lucky. Social Justice isn’t about just ticking off hours for the completion of an award, it is all about embodying the spirit of Edmund Rice and making the world a better place, one deed at a time. 

Cooper Morrissey, Year 9 


The floor was rough and uncomfortable and I was barely staying warm under a blanket and wearing a jumper. I didn’t realise the types of challenges people who are homeless are faced with. I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to continuously be outside on the hard floor and not being safe from the weather. This challenge has cemented my views on social justice and why the school carries out the activities for students to complete. 

Zachery Baulman, Year 10 


I would like to thank our College community for their ongoing support and participation in the Social Justice Outreach Program.  


Mrs Brittney Fogliani  – Social Justice Outreach Coordinator