On Friday, 3rd September, St Dominic’s College recognised R U Ok? Day in place of the annual Dommies Day. It was an opportunity for students and staff to step back from regular online lessons and get involved with a variety of Pastoral and Wellbeing activities.

The day began with an extended online homeroom in which the boys wore their jerseys, shared breakfast remotely and participated in a Father’s Day liturgy. Students then joined in a discussion about the importance of looking after your mates and how to ask a friend if they are travelling ok, especially now during lockdown. It was important that students also gained some insight into how to support a friend or family member who may not be going so well with their mental health.

For the rest of the day students got to participate in a variety of Rivalympics activities which included Dommies trivia, bat and ball juggling, Rube Goldberg machine challenge, Strava Art, Crossbar Challenge and the most popular,  Ready, Steady, Ronchetti Cooking Challenge.

During the day students also got to complete entries in the Book Week challenges. This challenge continues and entries are still being accepted until the end of Week 9. Some of the entries so far include book cover designs for novels.

We hope that all students and staff benefitted from stepping away from their normal lessons and enjoyed doing something a little different.

Congratulations to all our winners. Names of winners have been published on our website. Please click here to view:


Dommies Day trivia:

  1. Nathaniel Cant
  2. Mr J Hall
  3. Mr T Lawler


Ready, Steady, Ronchetti Cooking Challenge:

  1. Connor Smith
  2. Cooper Morrissey
  3. Jack Sammut


Strava Art Challenge

  1. Ben Garrahy
  2. Matthew Brown
  3. Jake Cavanagh, Bailey Allaburton, Karlo Sudulic (tied for third)


Bat and ball juggling challenge:

  1. Josh King
  2. Matthew Hamilton
  3. Darshan Jambagi 


Rube Goldberg Machine:

  1. Anthony Fava
  2. Jake Cavanagh
  3. Rafael Malinao