On Tuesday, 9th November, the Year 12, 2022 Leadership Team took part in the annual Prefect Retreat. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions we were required to adapt and complete the day onsite at the College in one day rather than the usual two days.

Throughout the day we were given the chance to share and listen to one another’s stories, learn about the different styles of leadership, explore our own personal strengths, consider what it means to be a man in today’s society and discuss the legacy this year’s Prefect Group wants to leave on the College. Thanks to the valuable lessons and tight bonds we formulated throughout our retreat we are excited and ready to serve the College to the best of our ability as prefects throughout the coming 12 months.

A special thanks to Ms Birkett, Ms Day, Mr Kilbourne, Mr Jansz and our principal Mr Ronchetti who made this day possible and organised a number of activities designed to improve our leadership skills and strengthen our bond as a group.

In the words of Prefect Joshua, “Today offered an opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of leadership whilst strengthening my connections with the fellow Prefects, along with the staff that attended. It allowed us to reflect on ourselves along with our peers which was a great experience”.

I feel confident that this group of my peers will lead the College confidently in 2022 under the guidance of our Pastoral Coordinator Mr Kilbourne. 

Article by Ryan – 2022 College Prefect