The College has had to deal with a number of challenges throughout March. This includes the ongoing disruption from the building program, the floods affecting a significant proportion in our College community and the continuing impact from the effects of COVID. Despite this, the College has adapted well and is running as smoothly as possible given the circumstances. 


Term 1 Assessments have begun across the College. This has included hand-in assessments, in-class examinations and practical tasks. Thank you to those who have managed these tasks whilst being in a COVID related isolation. The vast majority of students have been following the College procedures around misadventure, and as such have had tasks marked or estimates determined. 



As I write this, Year 12 have just completed their Half Yearly examinations. They have shown themselves to be well prepared and coping well with the heightened sense of formality required in these circumstances. We wish them the best as they continue in these exams. Moving forward, the College would like to remind them to use the study skills and techniques we have shared with them earlier in the year. This includes having a study planner, using active recall to remember their study notes, complete past papers and seek feedback from their teachers. We look forward to their return to class and the opportunity to for their teachers to give feedback in their upcoming reports and parent / teacher / interviews next term. 


Waterford Wednesday continued to have a learning focus this month. This included the Science Sustainability activities that occurred as part of this program but also in their Science Classes. This included the Year 9 homeroom activities designed to see the impact climate change is having on our food production. Year 8 had the opportunity to hear a guest speaker from WIRES talk about our local native animals, the threats they are currently facing, and what our students could do to alleviate these threats. Year 8 are also completing a unit called War on Waste in their Science classes, where they examine how they can minimise their own impact on the planet. 



A number of Excursions have also proceeded as planned. This included a number of Year 10 students who visited Nepean College as part of the CSIRO STEM Taster program. This program is a mix of training and hands on activities delivered by STEM TAFE teachers. Also, Year 11 Investigating Science students visited the Sydney Zoo as part of their studies into observing and recording animal behaviour. Finally, Year 9 and 10 History participated in a World War 1 and Vietnam War Incursion in the Brother Warner Hall, where they examined the human impact of war. As is evident here, a large range of opportunities are being provided for our students to enrich their classroom learning. 


Finally it is with great excitement that E Block has opened up for our students and their learning. This now means that our Music classes, PDHPE classes and co-curricular programs can begin accessing and using the first-class equipment and facilities. The College would like to thank both the students and staff in our Music and PDHPE departments for their patience whilst this building was being prepared for opening. 


Stay safe and God bless. 


Mr David Gerlach 

Director of Teaching and Learning 


   Mr Luke Borg 

   Director of Curriculum