The St Dominic’s Eco Group have been hard at work this term, giving up their lunchtimes and Thursday sport to help bring about a collaborative Sustainability forum, where they are to propose projects that can be implemented around the school to ensure we are more sustainable. This is the first of hopefully many forums going forward, with plans on expanding the forum to include other schools and more experts in the future.


The purpose of this forum is for the students in the eco group to engage with other passionate students, teachers, and experts in the community to propose viable solutions to problems in sustainability at St Dominic’s and the local community. The forum will address the feasibility of composting at St Dominic’s and utilising the agricultural space in the school to grow herbs for use in the hospitality classes. Students will also be learning about the importance of upcycling with Mrs Herridge and analysing the impact of our Return and Earn Program with Mr. Glass


This forum and Eco group has helped bring about a student voice on the matters of sustainability. As it is a student lead forum, it has also allowed some students to demonstrate their leadership qualities, mentoring some of the younger members and helping them bring their own ideas to the forum.