Semester 2 Examinations 

Years 7-10 students prepared and sat for their Semester 2 exams this term. Students were spoken to about utilising 2 techniques that have been shown in the research to improve retention of information: Active recall and Spaced Repetition. 

Active Recall requires students to not just read their study notes, but provide prompt questions to recall as much as they can of their study notes. Spaced repetition is a technique of studying their notes in short bursts immediately after they learn it, and then revise it regularly with a larger and larger gap between successive sessions. 

Finally, students were encouraged to use the 25:5 rule. This means the boys should never study for more than 25 minutes without a 5-minute brain break – drink some water do some exercise and then they can resume. 

The College hopes the students were able to utilise these techniques as they attempted to prepare for their exams. 


HSC Minimum Standards 

Year 11 have passed a significant milestone this month. All out students in year 11 have met all of the requirements of the HSC Minimum Standards tests. This includes reading, writing and numeracy. This outstanding development means that all our students who go on to complete their SHC courses, will be eligible for the HSC Credential – congratulations gents. 

A massive thank you must go to Ms Simone Baluch, Ms Alanah Quinlivan, Ms Tracey Shaw, and the Diverse Learning team for ensuring that students were well equipped to sit these tests and complete them in a timely manner. Their tireless efforts have led to this excellent result for the College. 


Best of luck to you and your family as we head towards the conclusion of the academic year. I hope your son is well prepared and experiences some success in his Semester 2 report. 



Mr David Gerlach 

Mr Luke Borg 

Director of Teaching and Learning 

Director of Curriculum