Player prowess, coupled with Year 7 support and excitement set the scene for an outstanding display of football skill from all House Teams during our Annual Futsal House Cup at St Dom’s.

The week-long battle culminated in a Grand Final showdown between Mr Kennedy Gould’s Surawski and Mr Hall’s Tench Houses.

Face paint, banners and pride was on show for the world to see as the game went into an extra 3 minutes on top of regulation time to determine a winner – Penalty Shootout time.

Surawski started strong putting the Tench keeper to the test, early shots were the order of the day as Coach Hall rallied his troops with tactical advice on the relentless assault of Surawski strikes.

With more excitement than a FIFA World Cup Final, both teams were just too good on the day, with both Tench and Surawski Houses claiming victory with an all-out draw!

Congratulations Gentlemen …. let the House battles continue!