Vinnies Sandwich Makers Bringing Hope to our Vulnerable Communities


Throughout the year, our keen student volunteer their time to come together as a community and make sandwiches for those who are marginalised in our communities. The feedback from students and the community has been overwhelming. Our number is volunteers in this program is increasing and this shows how rewarding this experience is for our students”.



Our St Dominic’s Community Stepping up to Clean up


On Friday, 3rd March, both the year 7 cohort and an overwhelming number of volunteers were involved the Clean Up Australia Day events.

During a Liturgy, our Year 7 students gained the opportunity to learn about waste issues affecting our community and struggling communities overseas, why caring for our common home is important and what actions they can take to make a difference. A Guest Speak, by the name of Chris Nolan from Caritas Australia gave an insight about how climate change has affected overseas communities who are already vulnerable.


The Clean Up in our community took place both in period 5 for year 7 and afterschool for our volunteers. We had many volunteers for the after school clean up and both clean ups were successful. Our senior students wore their hi vis vests and took on a leadership role by working with students from the younger year groups.  It was a great way to inspire our students to learn about the impact of rubbish on their local environment while playing an active role in our community.