Term 2 has begun with a number of key significant events. The introduction of the new Mobile Phone Policy, the Anzac Commemorative Service, a Staff Development Day with a continued focus on the Super 6 Literacy Strategies, the College Cross Country and College Photo Day.  



The students have embraced the new policy well. Our teaching having been noticing the playground seems a lot livelier and social, our boys are talking more and interactively positively without the phone to pull out and check every few minutes. The sounds of laughter, games and spirited conversations fill the main yard. It is pleasing to see our students embrace this change so well, and also appear to be enjoying the extra social interaction.  



Our students participated in a moving ANZAC Service on the 26th April. They had the opportunity to hear from Noel McLaughlin, an old boy of the College, who has a distinguished military career. Noel was an outstanding speaker who gave an amazing insight into the life of a soldier and the challenges they face in the service of their country. Our students sat in awe as he recounted his stories and insights and they should be commended on the respectful manner in which they participated.  



Their have been a small number of reports of poor behaviour from our students on public transport. This includes the bus and train systems. Students are reminded that whilst they are in uniform they are representing the College, and as such need to be behaving in an exemplary manner. Any issues reported to the College will be dealt with string consequences for the students involved. 



Please note the following College events coming in the month of May. This includes: 

Year 11-12 Parent Teacher Interviews – Wednesday 10th May 

Mother’s Day Mass – Wednesday 10th May 

Year 12 Academic Assembly – Friday 12th May 

Year 7-10 Parent Teacher Interviews and Pupil Free Day – Monday 15th May 


Best of luck for Term 2.