What does it mean to be free?  


To live without the fear of war, to have your basic human rights upheld, to live in equality and without the fear of persecution are just some of the examples of what freedom can entail. Every day millions of people across the world embark on dangerous journeys for the sole purpose of finding safety and freedom.


St Dominic’s College has celebrated Refugee Week with the hope of raising awareness and promote understanding about the experiences and contributions of refugees.


Refugee Week serves as a powerful platform for students to learn about the challenges faced by individuals forced to flee their homes due to conflict, persecution, or other forms of adversity.


St Dominic’s College was fortunate to welcome two inspiring individuals, Abang Othow and Milad Kado who have overcome extreme adversity to share their stories of resilience and hope.


By exploring stories of refugees and their journeys, young minds develop a deeper appreciation for diversity and resilience, as well as a commitment to creating inclusive and welcoming communities.


St Dominic’s College would like to thank Abang and Milad for educating our students and sharing their stories. 


Please click here to read Abang’s story

Please click here to read Milad’s story