St Dominic’s College Visual Arts students have been fortunate to participate in a number of ceramics workshops recently, mastering the techniques of clay and pottery. With boundless creativity, our aspiring artists have immersed themselves in the intricate process of moulding, shaping, and firing clay to transform it into awe-inspiring ceramic masterpieces.


Year 9 Visual Arts students recently had the opportunity to partake in an incursion at the College with the visiting ceramics instructor, Anthony Brink. Anthony spent the day teaching students the techniques of wheel throwing, a difficult medium to master! 


Year 11 Visual Arts students recently participated in an excursion to the Ceramics Study Group in Baulkham Hills to fire their projects using the Raku technique. This Japanese technique, dating back to the sixteenth century, involves removing the clay sculpture from the kiln at 950 degrees Celsius and placing it in metal container with combustible materials while red hot. This causes interesting glaze effects that can’t be achieved through other firing methods. 


Through patient experimentation and a deep understanding of materials, our students have been honing their skills to breathe life into their unique visions. With every piece they create, these dedicated learners not only acquire technical proficiency but also develop an appreciation for the rich history and cultural significance of ceramics.


We look forward to sharing the finished works with our community on display at the CAPA showcase later in the year.