It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were acknowledging and celebrating the commencement of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  It was there that we made our annual commitment to either fasting or renewing our commitment to our faith.  On Palm Sunday, it is an opportunity to reflect upon this period and to provide ourselves with a report card on how well we went in our commitment.  So how did you go?  Did you maintain your fasting or did your temptations overcome your strength?  Were you able to renew your commitment in being a good person? Did you spend more time being positive?  Did you spend more time feasting on the goodness of Jesus and his message or did you fast on negative aspects?  The poem below provides a good opportunity to reflect on fasting from but feasting on the wondrous and joyful season of Lent.


Fasting & Feasting

Fast from judging others

Feast on the Christ dwelling in them

Fast from worry

Feast on Divine Providence

Fast from complaining

Feast on appreciation

Fast from self-concern

Feast on compassion for others

Fast from discouragement

Feast on hope

Fast from problems that overwhelm

Feast on prayer

Fast from thoughts of illness

Feast on the healing power of God


The Stations of the Cross on Wednesday, 31st March was the first time in over 400 days that we were able to assemble as a community in the Br M. Warner Hall.  The sombre presentation of the Passion of Christ was exceptional and the students and staff made it a special occasion as we re-enacted the final moments of the life Jesus.  I encouraged all students to learn from the experience and continue to be disciples of peace and goodness so that we ‘renew the earth’ and make it a better place.

Year 12 HSC Semester One Assessment Block

The Year 12 Semester One Assessments were completed recently with all reports indicating that students were well engaged in their learning. The feedback received form these assessment are vital in assisting the students prepare for the next and final school based assessments in Term 2.  This is also a great opportunity for parents and their sons to engage in dialogue ‘Where to next?’ in their learning journey so that they can continue improving upon their learning in partnership with school and home.


Project Compassion – our giving for those in need

I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to our Project collection.  Though our final amount has not been finalised, I know that the contribution from the St Dominic’s has come from the heart of our students.  It is not a forced contribution but rather one that students give freely to as part of their response for those in need beyond our local community.  Special thanks to Mr Culican for his commitment to this most worthy cause and to all our staff who have been encouraging all our students to give from the heart.


DSE Reports

The first term Diligent and Sustain Effort Reports will be mailed out to families during the school holidays.   I will be reviewing these over the holidays, so I am hopeful that most students have performed to the best of their ability.  This is a great opportunity for all students to re-evaluate their goals and review what they may need to improve in Term 2, therefore, setting new achievable goals.  I encourage all parents to maintain the communication with their son’s teachers if they have any concerns.  Students who receive 100% in their DSE score will be invited to a Principal morning tea.  While students who have received a combined percentage of 85% will receive a Commendation Certificate at a year assembly during Week 1 of Term 2.  Likewise, students whose performance is below the expected standard will receive a Letter of Concern requesting an interview to discuss ways of improvement for Term 2.


The Student/Parent/Teacher Interviews will return this year to either the normal format or a hybrid version.  Though the feedback from 2020 about the online version of these meetings was very positive, the College feels that the face-to-face interviews are more effective and beneficial for the students in their improvement. The Years 11 and Year 12 interviews will be conducted on Thursday, 29 April, while the Years 7–10 interviews are scheduled for Monday, 10th May.  Information regarding the online booking of these interviews will be provided to all families early Term 2.  This is a great opportunity for parents to arrange to meet their son’s teachers and discuss the son’s current progress.

The annual Mother’s Day Mass will be celebrated on Wednesday, 5th May.  Though COVID-19 interrupted this mass in 2020, we are please to announce that the Mother’s Day Mass will return in 2021.  This mass has become an integral part of the College and I would encourage all mothers, grandmothers, aunties or any significant women in our son’s lives to be part of this celebration. We ask that you RSVP by 27th April so that we can arrange the morning tea.

The month of March has been inundated with activities and co-curricula events such as


The term has been extremely successful and I would like to thank the community, staff and students, for their contribution to the success of the term. 

The 2021 Year 7 enrolments were due by Thursday, 1st April.  Families who have applied should receive a letter confirming their application and providing them with information about the interview process.  If any family has any questions regarding enrolments, please do not hesitate to contact the College.

Term 1 was extremely productive with most students settling into the routines of our blended learning environment. Throughout the term, I have made several visits to different classrooms and have been very pleased with the diligent application students have demonstrated towards their studies. It is always great to be able to walk into a classroom and witness how engaged students are in their learning. Congratulations to all students who have applied themselves to their studies and who have embraced the essence of our College Learning Statement of achieving their personal best, self-directed and creating opportunities for all to learn.

Please stay safe, stay healthy and care for each other during this time.

My prayers are with all of you during this Easter period.

God Bless.


Mr M. Ronchetti

College Principal