It gives me great pleasure to finally announce results of the ImmerseME Games which our students studying a language in stages 5-6 have achieved. Students have competed for the second year in the games, which is, an international language learning competition which saw nearly 20,500 students from 202 schools compete across 9 languages. Schools competing included those from Australia, New Zealand, UK and US to name a few. Students were tasked with activities used in authentic situations such as ordering in a restaurant, to introducing themselves, to having debates and forming arguments. Students used speaking or writing skills in the target language only (No English).

As it was the second year, in which we were competing I had high expectations, due to our amazing achievements last year of placing 2nd in the world among other accomplishments. We had a bigger team and had very enthusiastic students in the year 9 classes. Despite having camps, excursions and assessments which occurred at the same time our students did an amazing job working together to support the team and achieve the results which we did. Throughout the course of the week students also decided to explore other languages and hence further their cultural and linguistic exposure. This led to additional impressive results in these languages as well. At the end of the week, we achieved the following results as a school team;

·       2nd overall in the global rankings

·       1st in school category #2

·       1st in Italian

·       1st in Japanese

·       1st in Greek

Special thank you to Sabrina Hoang who has been leading the way with the Japanese students, emailing students, encouraging students and competing herself for the first time.

I am so proud to be able to share this mind-blowing achievement by our students, and, for students learning a Language as an elective here at the College.

Below are the notable rankings of the students with a ranking in their target language, a top 20 in another language, a top 20 for Australian students, and top 100 overall ranking:


Ante Broz

22nd Italian, 13th Greek

Luke Coldicott

25th Japanese

Liam Duffy

27th Japanese

Jett Guyatt

12th Japanese

Kevin Anand

88th overall, 9th Japanese

Nathaniel Cant

9th overall, 3rd Italian, 3rd Greek, 4th in Australia

Brodie Dempsey

22nd overall, 8th Italian, 6th Greek, 9th in Australia

Flynn Jorda

17th overall, 6th in Italian, 6th in Australia

Sebastian Hunt

25th overall, 10th Italian, 11th in Australia


YEAR 10 

Ryan Crellin

42nd Japanese

Dayne Visser

18th Japanese

Romao Rositano

32nd Italian

Riley Bahlmann

25th Italian

Logan Pelle

21st Italian

Connor Smith

22nd Japanese

Ben Raymond

54th overall,

Eoin Farrell

44th overall, 6th Japanese

Logan Wilson

5th overall, 2nd Japanese, equal 1st Italian, 1st Greek, 1st in Australia

Lachlan Turner

7th overall, equal 1st Italian, 9th Indonesian, 5th Greek, 2nd in Australia


YEAR 11 

Sebastian Bianca

33rd Italian

Luke Norton

45th Italian

Hayden Walsh

19th Japanese

Harrison Bullock

20th Italian

Shay Tahana

24th Italian

Joshua Ongley

72nd overall, 19th Italian

Conor Mills

81st overall, 17th Italian

Cameron Gomesz

18th overall, 3rd Japanese, 7th in Australia

Declan Hamilton-Lewis

15th overall, 5th Italian, 5th in Australia

Ryan Snookes

19th overall, 19th Spanish, 7th Italian, 8th in Australia

Jarryd Torrevillas

8th overall, 1st Japanese, 4th Chinese, 3rd in Australia

Patrick Hunt

28th overall, 11th Italian, 12th in Australia

Marley Satchell

30th overall, 13th Italian, 14th in Australia

Luke Micallef

31st overall, 12th Italian, 15th in Australia

Evan Halliburton

29th overall, 5th Japanese, 20th Chinese, 13th in Australia


Awards and prizes will be presented to these students to celebrate their achievements on the global stage early next term.

Mrs Simone Baluch – Languages Coordinator