When I think of this man,
there is a word that describes his job, his efforts, his role,
his purpose, his motivation,
his ambitions and hopes,
his identity and
his heart:
that word is


When I think of my own father, I reflect on his influence in shaping the person I have strived to become.   All the words used to describe a ‘Father’ is exactly what my father is to me.  His was a vocation to be a role model for me, to provide me with purpose and motivation, to give me hope and to be ambitious.  He encouraged me to form an identity that was connected to a faith that would guide, support and protect my journey.  In essence, his heart flowed so that I and my sister were able to become good, honest, humble and loving individuals. 

As a father, I pray that I have been able to live up to these wonderful attributes and that I have been able to guide, love, motivate, provide hope and support my own children.  I truly hope that my dad sees him in me and that I have made him proud because I am honoured to have him as my father.

I know that I have been blessed to have such a relationship with my own father and that this may not be everyone’s experience.  We pray for all father’s that they can celebrate with their son’s and value each other as individuals in a world that is constantly challenging our values and way of life.

As we celebrate Father’s Day in a very unfamiliar way, I wish all father’s a happy Father’s Day and may your children share their love for you in their own special way.