Term 2 has been filled with plenty of pastoral events across most year groups. It has been fantastic to see these take place in their full form, with so many unable to go ahead over the past two years, due to restrictions.


Year 9 Camp at Somerset

From Monday 23rd to Wednesday 25th May, Year 9 students undertook their Outdoor Education Program at Camp Somerset.

During their time at camp the boys were presented with a range of activities, some they were confident to master, others that pushed them out of their comfort zones.

The boys met the challenges head on, working together with their peers to overcome any hurdles that came their way. They put their Masterchef skills to the test, creating some tasty yet unique dishes.

For all involved there was something to be learned, whether it was about working with others or challenging yourself. It was pleasing to see the boys rise to the challenges before them, forging new friendships and developing a better understanding of themselves and those around them in the process. Thank you to Ms Shankar and the Year 9 Pastoral Team for supporting this valuable experience for the students.



 Year 10 Walk the Talk Presentations

Friday 10th June, our Year 10 students participated in ‘Walk the Talk’ workshops. A pioneering program building awareness of domestic violence and women’s homelessness, Walk the Talk empowered these young people to support local women and children in need by ‘adopting’ their local shelter.

Phase one of the program is a half-day in school workshop delivered by Enlighten Education and the Goodfellas team. Phase two is a community-based service learning opportunity; teens get to support the work of their local women’s refuge.

An insightful day which provided an opportunity for our students to reflect, engage and respond to these key issues facing our local community. Thank you to Mr McKay and the Year 10 Pastoral Team for their support on the day.


Surawski Beyond Blue Day

A fun filled day full of energy and excitement and all for a great cause. Over $1000 dollars was raised on the day through the generous donation by staff and students. Activities included; BBQ Breakfast, pastoral activities during Homeroom, a ‘Festival of Personal Best challenges at recess and the ‘Great Surawski Sponge Throw’ to conclude the day at lunch. Congratulations to Mr Kennedy – Gould, staff and students for the engagement throughout another memorable day at St Dominic’s College.


Year 7 Camp at Kincumber

From Monday 20th to Wednesday 23rd June, Year 7 students undertook their rescheduled Camp at Great Aussie Bush Camps at Kincumber.

Overall, it was a great experience as camps and excursion have been missing for a few years due to restrictions. It was pleasing to see the students rise to the challenges before them, solidifying new friendships and developing a better understanding of themselves and those around them in the process. Thank you to Mr Mackinnon and the Year 7 Pastoral Team for supporting this important experience for the students.



Year 11 RYDA Driver Safety Day

Tuesday 28th June, Year 11 attended a RYDA Road Safety excursion hosted at the Sydney International Regatta Centre by Road Safety Education.

The day consisted of six practical workshops which were all focused around educating the students in the importance of road safety, decision making and being a passenger in a car.

With so many of our Year 11 students are starting to get their licence, it will hopefully equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to stay safe on the roads and be safer drivers in our community. Thank you to Ms Shaw and the Year 11 Pastoral Team for their support on the day.


Mr Brendan Jansz

Director of Pastoral Care