It has been a very busy start to the year in relation to the learning agenda here at the College. NAPLAN, 7-12 Goal setting, Personal Learning Plan meetings and AGAT testing to name a few. It is our hope that students have also made progress towards their learning goals for 2023. 



Year 7 and 9 students conducted themselves very well during NAPLAN exams in Week 7 and 8. They came prepared with charged laptops, plug-in headphones, ready to demonstrate their literacy and numeracy skills. It was pleasing to see our students approach this National Assessment Program with the appropriate level of engagement and maturity required. The College is hopeful that the new timing of these exams, will allow us to access the results sooner in the academic year, to assist us in meeting the learning needs of your son. 


Personal Learning Plans 

It has been a very busy time in our Diverse Learning department this year. On top of assisting with the organisation of NAPLAN in week 7, they also undertook the Personal Learning Plan meetings during week 5 and 6, with a large number of our students across the College. They were also assisted by our Embark teaching staff for the Year 7 interviews. These interviews are essential to help determine the specific learning goals and requirements for our students with additional learning needs. We would also like to thank parents for participating in this in an open and positive way. These discussions are essential for the College to be able to support our students in their learning. A big thank you must go to our Diverse Learning staff and Embark teaching staff. These interviews placed enormous strain on their schedules across weeks 5 and 6. The College is very appreciative of their efforts in ensuring these interviews ran smoothly. A big thank you, in particular, to Mrs Haydon for overseeing the process. 



Last year saw the introduction of a screening tool for our high achieving students. This term we screened all of Year 7 with the AGAT Test (General Abilities Test), and repeated the screen for year 8 using an updated version of the test. From this, we are looking at identifying students who achieved above average in one or more areas to be further tested with the CoGAT (Cognitive Abilities Test). This test gives us very specific information about the achievement in a range of domains: verbal, non-verbal and numerical. The information we get from these tests will be provided for their teachers as we target ways to enrich and extend these students. Staff will also be provided with Professional Learning on the results of the test and how to use this information to extend the students in their classes. I would like to thank Ms Lister for the great work she is doing in this area of the College. 


HSC Half Yearly Assessments 

Year 12 students have recently concluded their HSC Half Yearly Assessments. It was pleasing to see the preparation and effort students applied to their studies during this time. The return of assessments, and in particular the feedback, will be valuable for all students as they endeavour to make improvements in their final two terms at the College. 




Mr David Gerlach 

Mr Luke Borg 

Director of Teaching and Learning 

Director of Curriculum